Florence Florence


Florence embraces a diverse way of living. Originated from Ilocos and blossomed in United Kingdom. A work-in-progress multi-faceted woman who enjoys being somewhere else. She prefers nature and beaches as it is much more gratifying but doesn’t mind being at home watching her tv-series. With immense appreciation for food and adventure, Florence thrives to explore the beauty of life best when traveling.

In a nutshell,  she left her comfort zone, traveled and discovered that the world is vast. She realized that she became different from the people around her and now hopes to develop new verve way of living. As is life, it has its own agenda.  It has infinite possibilities. This is her quest to live an extraordinary life.

Florence most value the importance of love and happiness with her relationship with her family, friends, and her partner. She believes that life too short to waste time. She remains optimistic and strives to fulfill a happy, wealthy and successful life simply by nurturing her mind and soul.