Decisions in Life

“The one thing all career girls know in their 20’s is that this time only comes once, and that “being young is not synonymous with being stupid. Hard work is exactly what it sounds like – hard and work. But it leads to a life that is filled with options and freedoms and thrilling challenges. Because when you’re looking down the barrel of 40, you’ll be glad you made the right choices that enabled you a better life. It might not be sexy enough for an HBO show, but its definitely worth it.” -JK

Sometimes, our lives must be completely shaken up and changed to get us on the path to where we are meant to be. I don’t know about you, but mine has been shaken on the rocks way too much. It has been twisted and turned so many times that I am surprised I still know how to be strong. However, each time something shook my life up it always seemed to cause another piece to fall into place. Each time I learned a life lesson it brought me closer to the person I am supposed to be. Each instance scared me and made me question every single thing I knew about myself. Yet without fail, every single time I came out changed and almost always for the better.

I know it feels that each time life knocks me around it’s harder and harder to see my way through and I think that’s because every time my life gets tough, it is one step closer to where I am supposed to be and nothing in life worth having is ever easy. You have to tear down, rebuild and then do it all over again til you get it right. No one gets this life right all the time. Remember no one ever does. We are all just figuring out life as we go.

But there are those who see opportunity in every darkness. There are those who find their greatest strengths in their worst moments of weakness. I want to be one of those people. I AM one of those people. It is just sometimes, I forget. Sometimes, I have to put myself in a moment of realisation. I have to take time to catch my breath. I have to get back in touch with that fire in my soul and get reconcile with the fighter inside. Because it is so easy to forget. It is easy to listen to the voices in this world who judge you, it’s so easy to allow yourself to be taken for granted, and that you simply lose your mind.

Realising you are worth changing your perspectives to see alternatives is the best thing you can do. You have the courage and the strength even at your weakest moments, I promise. Allow hope to your soul. Once you believe, once you allow the hope back in, you will think of ways to make the right decision. Sometimes a simple change in perspective, will change your life. You do not need a clear direction out, just confidence in yourself to start. But remember, every decision is a lifetime lesson.

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