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8pm, I sat and took the time to reflect. It was the moment that I got to thinking about all the times throughout my life. Despite the hard times, I had to think thoroughly and clearly, thoughts of needs to change, in order to make life work for me instead of against me. There is always a lesson to learn if you take the time to look and as with most lessons, its hard. It takes adjustments.

This year, I have things to do and accomplish. Doing it the normal way isn’t possible any more. I had to change perspective about life in order to get the results I needed. I had to not only change the way I think but also my actions. I had to look for new ways to accomplish the change I needed to. I had to adapt. It struck me while reflecting, while there may be many secret to a happy life, changes, may just be the biggest key to happiness I had found. Life happens whether you are ready for it or not.

Sometimes, it only takes a split second and you are suddenly indulge into something you were not at all prepared for. You either go into denial, shut down, ignore what you don’t want to see or you adapt. It is not always as simple as it is to think. Sometimes you need to learn a whole new experience by realizing your flaws or by getting out of your comfort zone. Lifestyle tips, our existence becomes different when you start to think outside the box. Priorities and circumstances can change and you either have to adapt or stay where you are and slowly lose control.

Some of you may have hard time adapting to changes. Adapting to new beginnings or trying new things in the quest for happiness. The key is to take all you have learned, all you have faced and finally put all the lessons to use. Change the way you see things. Adapt, change and flow with life, instead of fighting it. Accept the challenge. In the end, you’ll gain a happier and satisfying life.

Learn to work with what you have, while constantly striving to do better. Stop fighting your circumstances and learn to make them work for you. Every time you get frustrated or hit a giving-up-attitude, change perspective. Sometimes you need to get lost, in order to be found. Sometimes what seems impossible, is only a change in perception. Don’t let fear guide your footsteps or close your heart. Find courage. Life will only beat you if you let it happen. So don’t let it. If you want to change, take actions.

I have nothing but love and happiness. I will work on to better myself not only for my loved ones, but also to succeed.

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