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Let me tell you the best places worth visiting in Paris. But first, I want to share my experience in the city. Paris, France or also known as the romantic city is now added to my travel diary bucket list. Sometimes you just need to escape, explore a beautiful place, take a deep breath and realize that there are far more to life than being stuck in your own comfort zone. Having a weekend getaway is just simply enough to take a moment to refresh your mind, body and soul. Paris is just one of the beautiful places in Europe where three days is enough explore the scenery. Its historical aura and its old architectural buildings, attractions and food delicacy are just mesmerizing. Although I had hard times speaking to people because of their minimal English vocabulary, they were friendly enough to accommodate us in every places we have been. Of course, some other can be rude but just like other countries, it happens.


Notre Dam De Paris

Magical Kingdom

Eiffel Tower

Arc de Triomphe

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