Waikiki, HAWAII Travel Diary

Having to visit Hawaii for the first time made me reminisce my life back in the Philippines. The humid air, friendly atmosphere, traditional houses and the sound of crowing that wakes you up in the morning; it just simply reminds me back home. Nostalgia moment. First of all, going to Hawaii was totally unplanned. Not till I one day, I searched for flights and spontaneously bought a ticket. I booked my ticket really cheap at Opodo fast and convenient. There are so many airline websites to purchase and book tickets but I always go back to Opodo. It provides you a straight forward booking where it is reliable and accurate. Find out the cheapest flights today, CLICK HERE.

On to my real deal. As I step off the plane, the moment I feel the infamous spirit of aloha, there is this tangible sense of culture, and pride in that culture that makes Hawaii special. The beautiful beaches and mountains, the endless remarkable opportunities of adventure, and the people around the island made Hawaii an amazing and exciting renowned vacation spot in the world.¬†Hawaii is truly a beautiful paradise; there is so much to discover. From the clear water beaches to dive in, to the amazing hiking trails and waterfalls in O’ahu, and to include, the traditional Hawaiian food are just delicious, and a must try. Don’t forget the shopping and night lifestyle. The city of Waikiki is home to exceptional hotels, restaurants and high-end shops as well as entertainment full of vibrant. My travel and experience in Hawaii is just one of the most unforgettable adventure.

Not to mention, my cruise experience within the island was undeniably amazing. Not only I got to spend it with special people but also I got to see the island in a whole new perspective. Having to experience the Hawaiian entertainment including their traditional music, and hula dance was phenomenal. Gazing through the breathtaking scenery of the city and its beautiful peak allowed me to re-think that anything can be beautiful as long as you open your mind to it.

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